Experience the first century temple period like never before with this in-depth, interactive 3D re-creation of the temple based on historical archaeology, and Jewish sources.

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Use this incredible companion tool to enhance study, interaction, and engagement with this ancient holy site and the importance of worship, the ceremonies, and services that took place in the Second Temple. We’ve combined historical documentation, archeological evidence, biblical insight, and jewish sources to create as accurate a model as possible, including specific measurements and topography.

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Is a living prove of Bible history focused on actual findings to show Location of the temple, its rooms, uses and artifacts and inscriptions.


Is the only ancient, best organized and authentic document that proves all facts in history to point out the Archeology for its findings.

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Our app is available in English, Spanish and Hebrew for your convenience.


Provide Archeologist and biblical scholars with detailed information and description for a better understanding of the Bible narrative and commandments with its right application.

Jewish Sources and Rabbinical Literature

Are extremely important to understand the Temple, as they stated and recounted with precision the description of chambers, services and procedures in general.

Interactive App - For all Ages

Because this is a 3D scene, you have complete freedom to explore every detail. Pinch to zoom, rotate the camera, use the interactive joystick to view the structures from different angles, use the jump arrow to more easily navigate the stepped terrain, and enjoy an aerial map view to give you a better perspective of ancient Jerusalem and the various locations you can explore and interact with through the app. It's a fun, interactive and informative way to learn the Second Temple for all ages.

So detailed and thorough! This app is more useful than any book I've ever read on the temple.